MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

OLEDB Configuration Variables

The following configuration variables can be set in the OLEDB.cfg:

Configuration variables Description
MS_OLEDBMAXDATA Limits the amount of data returned from database columns with unlimited space. These columns are MEMO columns in Microsoft Access and LONG columns in Oracle. The default value is 1024.
MS_DBOLEDBDATEFORMAT Format of date fields returned from the database.
  • %B — Full Month Name
  • %d — Day of the month
  • %Y — Year including the century
MS_UDLDIR Identifies the directory which contains the Universal Data Link files (.UDL). The .UDL files contain the connection strings to a particular data source.
Note: For more formatting date options, visit the Microsoft Developer Network website (http://msdn.microsoft.com/) and look up the syntax for strftime or wcsftime in the Run-Time Library Reference document.