MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help


The MetroStation example project is a complete multi-disciplinary project of an underground rail station. It was graciously provided by SWECO Civil AB. The project consists of architectural and structural files as well as various models describing piping, ventilation, track details and others. Also included are aerial photography, point cloud, tunnel surfaces and more.

The project also comes with various sample files and videos that highlight the new features of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition. These will be added to over time.

Examples Not Displaying?

Links to the example project are displayed in the Examples window.

In case you are not able to see the example project, please check the following:
  1. Check that the files were installed. There is an option in the installer to include the example files. This is on by default but may have been off when your product was installed. Check with your administrator.
  2. The example files are delivered to the standard location for WorkSpaces and WorkSets. This location is defined by the variable _USTN_WORKSPACESROOT. By default, it points to the folder in ..\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Example\WorkSets\ . Your administrator may have redefined this variable to point to another location. If so, you can make the examples available by copying the example files to the new location. Copy the MetroStation folder along with the MetroStation.cfg and MetroStation.dgnws files.