MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Environment Manager Dialog

Contains controls for environmental settings for Luxology rendering, as well as controls the visibility of these environment settings.

You can access this dialog from the following:

  • Ribbon: Visualization > Home > Lighting
  • Luxology Render dialog: Environment Setup icon

Luxology environments can be saved and recalled at render time. The environments are similar to render settings in that they can be stored in a DGN library file (DGNLib). If you want to have environment setups that can be used by any instance of MicroStation, edit the LuxologyRender.dgnlib or create a new library file and place it in a DGNLib search path with your custom environments. The environment types are Sky, Light Probe, Image, Image Cube and Gradient. All environments produce indirect light on the scene and are controlled by a brightness slider. To illuminate a model or scene solely by the enabled environment, choose the Override Existing Lights option.

Show Setup List Changes tree view visibility, for environment setups. When you select (single-click) an environment setup from the list, its settings appear in the tabbed section of the dialog. Double-clicking on an entry in the tree view makes it the active environment setup. When not visible, you can click the down-arrow to open a drop-down menu of the available environment setups.
New Setup

Creates a new environment setup file.
Save Setup

When you change an existing setup, or create a new one, the Save Setup icon is enabled to indicate a save is possible. Names of setups that are yet to be saved appear in blue in the tree view.
Copy Setup

Copies the selected setup; if the setup exists in the LuxologyRender.dgnlib, a local copy is made.
Delete Setup

Deletes the selected setup. Only local setups can be deleted.

If you have copied a setup that exists in the library and then deleted it, the library symbol changes to gray when the local copy is deleted. Setups that are local, and do not exist in an external DGN library, are permanently deleted.

Reset Setup

(Enabled only when you have made a change to a setup) Returns the setup to its previously saved state.
Update From Library

Synchronizes the local setup to match the one in the DGN library.
Environment Enable If on, the Environment is used during rendering operation.
Override Existing Lights (Environment Enabled only) Existing light sources in the model are ignored and the environment (only) is used to illuminate the scene.
Camera Environment is visible where the background color of the view normally would be visible.
Indirect Controls whether or not the environment is used as an indirect light source. If you choose the Override Existing Lights option, then you should leave Indirect enabled; otherwise you will not have any lights.
Option Menu Determines which environment tab, Main or Indirect, is the source for indirect lighting.
Reflection Environment is visible in reflections where the background color of the view normally would be visible.
Refraction Environment is visible through transparent elements where the background color of the view normally would be visible.
Main and Indirect Tabs The Main and Indirect tabs are used to define the environment layers. The Main layer is used for visibility and the Indirect layer is used for providing indirect lighting to a scene without washing out the visible environment.
Background Enable If Enable is on, you can set and store the color or image used as background with a named environment setup that be recalled at render time. Background can be Blank, Color, or Image.
Fog Enable If Enable is on, fog effects are rendered.
Use Environment Color If on, the fog color matches the current environment.
Fog Brightness Adjusts the brightness level for fog.
Fog Type Sets the fog type to Exponential or Linear. When set to Exponential, you can set the fog Density. When Linear is selected, you can set the Fog Start and Fog End distance.
Density (Fog Type set to Exponential) Controls how much fog effect is used. Fog gains intensity exponentially as items become farther from the camera.
Fog Start | Fog End (Fog Type set to Linear) Sets the fog start and end distance.