MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Place Circle

Used to place a circle. Where a circle is constrained by a snap, such as Tangent or Perpendicular, and more than one result is possible, icons representing each possible result display. In these cases you can use the pointer to select the required solution.

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard and press the:

  • <Alt> key to switch to the next solution, or key in CONSGEOM NEXTSOLUTION.
  • <Ctrl> key to select the nearest (to the pointer) solution, or key in CONSGEOM NEAREST SOLUTION.
You can access this tool from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Placement > Ellipse Tools split button
  • Ribbon: Modeling > Home > Placement > Ellipse Tools split button
  • Toolbox: Ellipses

Method Sets the method by which the circle is placed.
  • Center — position by center.
  • Edge — position by three data points on the circumference.
  • Diameter — position by diameter's endpoints.
Area Active Area — Solid or Hole.
Fill Type Active Fill Type — None (no fill), Opaque (filled with Active Color), or Outlined (filled with Fill Color).
Fill Color Sets the color and optional gradient with which the circle is filled.
  • If Fill Type is Opaque, the Active Color.
  • If Fill Type is Outlined, the fill color can be different from the Active Color.
Diameter If on, sets the diameter, in working units (if Method is set to Center or Edge). To instead set the radius, choose Radius from the adjacent option menu.
Solution If on, and there is more than one possibility for the next data point, lets you choose a solution from the drop-down menu.
  • Nearest — The nearest solution to the cursor is selected.
Key-in settings Several key-ins can be used to control how the tool works:

CONSGEOM SET SHOWALTSOLUTIONS <OFF | ON> — If set to ON (the default), and a constraint snap is used, the tool displays all possible sizes and orientations of the element that would satisfy the snap. The proposed element nearest the pointer location is shown in normal symbology, while other possibilities are shown as dashed in muted color.

CONSGEOM SET SHOWFEASIBLEREGION <OFF | ON> — If set to ON (the default), a dashed red line or circle shows where the pointer can move. If it moves outside the allowable area, a heavy line weight red X displays, indicating that the circle cannot be completed at this location.