MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Dimension Audit Dialog

Used to search all the dimensions in the active model and report any problems.

The navigation controls highlight each problem dimension with a red ellipse and zoom in on the area in the active view. If the problem is corrected, the red ellipse changes to green.

The Hide/Show button lets you display or hide a detailed report of the current search.

You can access this tool from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Annotate > Dimensioning

Dimension Audit Find Begins the search for the dimensions in an area of the active view.
Find Overridden Text Displays dimensions whose text has been edited.
Find Dropped Dimension Displays dimensions that have been dropped to elements.
Find Non-Associative Dimensions Displays dimensions that were placed with the association lock off or were not snapped to an element correctly.
Find Lost Associations Displays dimensions that have failed associations. The dimension displays with a heavy dashed line.
First Item Returns to the first problem dimension.
Previous Item Returns to the previous problem dimension.
Next Item Proceeds to the next problem dimension.
Last Item Skips to the last problem dimension.
Description Field Displays the results of the current search.
Report Displays a report of the current search.
Note: Two key-ins are required to run Dimension Audit.