MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Dimension Styles Dialog Icons

Consists of controls used to create, edit, delete and restore dimension styles on the Dimension Styles dialog.

Toggle Style List

Toggles the display of the Dimension Styles list. If on, the tree displays on the left hand side of the dialog. If off, to select dimension styles click the down arrow next to the Toggle Style List icon.
Create Style

Creates a new "Untitled" dimension style in the Dimension Style list. This style inherits all of the attributes of the active dimension style.
Save Style

Saves the selected dimension style, and all its settings, in the DGN file. When you modify an existing style, the changes are displayed in blue until you save the new settings. Once you click Save, all dimensions created in that style update.
Copy Style

Creates a copy of the selected dimension style in the Dimension Style list.
Delete Style

Deletes the selected dimension styles.
Reset Style

Resets each selected dimension style to its previously saved version.
Update from Library

Updates the selected dimension styles in the DGN file that are based on library dimension styles to reflect changes in the DGN library. (If a dimension style in a DGN library changes, dimension styles placed in DGN files prior to the change are not automatically updated.)
Set Style Active

Makes the selected dimension style the active dimension style. The active dimension style is listed in the dialog title bar. The Dimensioning tools use the active dimension style.
Toggle Preview

Toggles on/off the preview pane, which displays dimensions using the selected dimension style.