MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Design File Cleanup Dialog, Gaps Tab

This tab contains controls that allow you to specify which element types and attributes to include in the search for gaps between elements. You can also define the spacing that constitutes a gap and set the manner in which to display any gaps that are found.

Action Sets the type of action to perform on overlapping elements.
  • None — If set, the search does not look for gaps.
  • Select — If set, any elements found to create a gap are selected in the design file.
  • Flag — If set, any elements found to create a gap are "flagged." The flag, represented by a circle inside a hexagon, is placed around each element endpoint that is found to be involved in creating a gap.
  • Interactive — If set, the search walks you through the design file with the aid of the Interactive Cleanup dialog, flagging the endpoints of each element involved in creating a gap, one at a time.
Note: You cannot search for Duplicates or Overlaps when Action is set to Interactive for Gaps.
Element Types Sets the type(s) of elements to flag.
Gap Flag Symbology
  • Level — sets the level on which the flag is displayed.
  • Color — sets the color of the flag.
  • Style — sets the line style of the flag.
  • Weight — sets the line weight of flag.
Match Sets the element attribute(s) by which to limit the search for gaps.
Gaps Smaller Than and Gaps Larger Than Editing these two fields creates a range of gap sizes that will be flagged. By default gaps smaller than 1.0000 and larger than 0.0010 will be found.
Ignore Coincident Ends Ignores endpoints which are shared across elements. For example, an element which appears as a single line string but is actually a series of line segments has many coincident endpoints. (Default is on.)