MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Delete Solid Entity

Used to delete a solid entity from a solid, other than a feature solid. Where required, tool settings let you restrict the type of entity that is selected to be faces, an edge, or a vertex.

When selecting faces, the nearest face always is selected first, but a Reset selects the face behind it.

All icon

Lets you select a face, edge, or vertex to delete.
Face icon

Restricts selection to one or more faces of a solid. Where you require multiple faces to be deleted, you can select the additional faces with <ctrl+data point>.
Edge icon

Restricts selection to an edge of a solid.
Vertex icon

Restricts selection to a vertex of a solid.
Simplify icon

Removes edges on surfaces of solids drawn by designers or by an application. Only edges which when removed do not affect the topography of the solid are actually removed.