MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Connect to Database Dialog

Used to connect to an external database from within MicroStation.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: Drawing > Attach > Database > Connect to Database
  • Toolbox: Database
Database Server tabs Allows you to select a database product on which the database is running.
Connect String Sets additional information needed to make the connection. The syntax is dependent on the chosen Database Server as follows:
  • Oracle -

    <user_name>/<password>@ host name

  • ODBC -


  • OLE DB -


Note: The Connect String value is equivalent to the string that accompanies an ACTIVE DATABASE (DB=) key-in — for example (Oracle), DB=<user_name>/<password>@host name.
Browse for Data Source Opens the Select Data Link File dialog, which allows you to select a UDL file.
Create New Data Source Opens the UDL Filename dialog, which allows you to create a UDL file.
BUDBC Provider Allows you to access databases through VBA and allows you to add a new database connection. It supports multiple connections at the same time using VBA.