MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Issue Dialog

Used to create and manage punch list items. A punch list item is an issue associated with an item documented using MicroStation CONNECT Edition or Bentley Navigator CONNECT Edition (desktop or mobile).

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Manage Issues Dialog: Create New
  • Right-click on a punch list item in the Manage Issues dialog and select Open from the pop-up menu.

Issue dialog

Details tab Allows you to fill in details regarding the punch list item:
Note: The fields in the Details section can be created in the ProjectWise Project (previously called CONNECTED project) on the CONNECT Portal. Different projects can have different fields. Some examples of fields are Priority, Due Date, Assigned To, Cost, and so on.
Attachments tab Allows you to attach any images or screen shots with a punch list item.
  • Capture the screen -

    Allows you to take a screenshot of the concerned area and create an attachment.

  • Attach image from file -

    Allows you to browse an image file to attach to the punch list item.

  • Reload Attachments-

    Refreshes the list of attachments.

Comments tab Allows you to add comments to the punch list items. It also displays the comments associated with the punch list item.