MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Configuration Variable Link Dialog

Used to a add new Configuration Variable link to your link set.

Opens when you select Configuration Variable Link from the Create Link drop-down list in the Links tab of the Explorer dialog.

Sample Types Selects the expression that consists of a resource filter and a configuration variable. The resource filter consists of a resource type followed by an optional subtype. You can select New from the drop-down list to create new expression.
Name Type the name of the link. This name appears on the link in the Explorer dialog.
Scope (Available only when you select New in the Sample Types drop-down list) Allows you to select the configuration variable for the new expression.

You can create custom configuration variables and define them with the desired folder path to harvest. For custom configuration variables, make sure you add "\" at the end of the directory path.

Process Subfolders If on, processes subfolders within the folders pointed by the configuration variable set in the Scope field.
File Type Filters the files by the set type. You may enter a file type or select one from the drop-down list. Multiple file types can be separated by semi-colon. If you don't want to filter by file type, select No Filter. In case of No Filter, MicroStation will harvest data from DGN, DGNLIB, DWG, DXF, REF, CEL, DGNWS, RDL, S, and HLN file types. It will not harvest file types such as IMODEL, DGNDB, IDGNDB and 3MX. If you set Object Filter to No Filter and add IMODEL, DGNDB, IDGNDB or 3MX as file type, then only the files with the specified file types will be harvested but not the data within those file types.
Object Filter (Available only when you select New in the Sample Types drop-down list) Allows you to select the resource filter for the new expression. If you don't want to add a resource filter, select No Filter.