MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Change Mesh Normal

Used to change the orientation of each face in a mesh element and any attached normals.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Modeling > Mesh > Modify Meshes
  • Toolbox: Modify Meshes

Options Sets which mode is used to change the mesh.
  • Reverse Vertex Order around all facets - Reverses the vertex order of all the facets of a mesh element.
  • Vertex Order Consistent around all facets - Makes all the facets in a mesh element have the same normal direction.
  • Vertices Normals consistent with vertex order - Within each facet, the side where the vertex order appears counterclockwise is considered the forward side. If a normal vector stored at a vertex is pointed in the reverse of the facets forward side, the vertex normal is reversed.
  • Average Normal - Hides the facet edges whose angle is equal to or less than the average normal value set in the text field.
Change Normals Changes the direction of the normals of the selected mesh.
Display Sets the display of the mesh:
  • All - Displays the facet plane normal, vertex order, and the vertex normal.
  • Face Normals - Displays the facet plane normal and the vertex order.
  • Vertex Normals - Displays the vertex normal.
Key-in: facet modify all