MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Change Element Fill

Used to change a closed element (shape, ellipse, or complex shape, or B-spline curve) to the Active Fill Type.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Drawing > Home > Modify > Change Attributes split button
  • Ribbon: Modeling > Home > Modify > Change Attributes split button
  • Toolbox: Change Attributes

Fill Type Active Fill Type — None (no fill), Opaque (filled with Active Color), or Outlined.
Fill Color Sets color with which the element(s) are filled. To define the Fill Color, use the controls on the Active Color, True Color, Color Book, or Gradient Fill tab.
  • If Fill Type is Opaque, the element(s) are filled with the Active Color, which is also the color of the element's outline.
  • If Fill Type is Outlined, the element(s) can be filled with a color that is different from the Active Color.
Note: To display fill in a view, turn on Fill for the view in the View Attributes ribbon group.
Note: These key-ins let you change a single color attribute:
To change Key in
An element's outline to the Active Color. CHANGE COLOR OUTLINE
A filled element's fill to the Active Fill Color. CHANGE COLOR FILL