MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Animation KeyFrames Dialog

Used to create and manipulate animation keyframes.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: Visualization > Animate > Create
  • Animation Producer dialog: Tools > Named KeyFrames
  • Toolbox: Animation Settings

List box The list box displays the name and description of all keyframes in the active DGN file.
Create Opens the Create Keyframe dialog, after selecting an element(s). This dialog then is used to create a keyframe of the selected element(s) in their current location.
Delete Deletes the keyframe that is selected in the list box.
Freeze Moves the elements to their positions at the selected keyframe.
Note: It is recommended to define a "Home" keyframe that contains the animation geometry in an unmodified state. You then can use the Freeze button, to move elements back to the home position after repositioning them for keyframing.
Note: You can use the Freeze button to edit or "tweak" a keyframe. First, use Freeze to move all geometry to the position for the keyframe to be tweaked. After modifying the elements as desired, use the Create button to replace the keyframe by reusing the existing keyframe name.
Script Opens the Script Keyframe dialog, which is used to script a keyframe.