MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Animate Element Attributes

Used to animate element attributes — visibility, color, transparency — during an animation sequence. This is done by scripting the setting(s) at various times, or frame numbers, during the sequence.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Visualization > Animate > Script
  • Toolbox: Animation Settings

Start Time Defines the start time, or frame number, for the new setting to begin.
Set Start Date/Time icon (Time display set to a date or time format only) Opens a date and time dialog that lets you set the start date/time.
Interpolation (Color and Transparency settings only) Sets the method used to interpolate the change to the setting.
  • Linear — Transition from one setting to the other is calculated linearly.
  • Spline — Calculation of the transition from one setting to the other is based on a b-spline curve.
Velocity (Color and Transparency settings only) Sets the velocity of the transition from one set of values to the next.
  • Constant — Transition is at a constant rate.
  • Accelerate — Transition starts at rest, moving with constant acceleration.
  • Decelerate — Transition constantly decelerates to finish at rest.
  • Accelerate-Decelerate — Transition starts at rest, accelerates to half-way, then decelerates to finish at rest.
  • Infinite — Transition is instantaneous, from the last viewing position to the camera view.
  • Custom — Used when you edit a velocity curve through the Animation Producer dialog's Velocity Graph.
Setting Sets the attribute that is to be animated for the selected element(s). Elements may be selected prior to, or after, choosing the Animate Element Attributes tool.
  • Visibility — Lets you set, via an option menu, whether an element is On (visible) or Off (invisible).
  • Color — Lets you set, via a color button and Modify Color dialog, the color for an element.
  • Transparency — Lets you set, via the Transparency text data field, the transparency of an element. Valid values range from 0 to 100.