MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Item Types

An item type is a user defined set of properties used to describe an object or element. You can create item types and manage them using DGNLibs. Using the Attach Item tool, you can create items based on your item types and attach them to objects or elements within a DGN file. Once attached, the properties of an item display in the Properties dialog along with the other properties of the object or element.

Item types can be used to store information about elements in the form of properties. Following are some instances where item types and attached items can be used:
  • Items can be attached to a model within a cell library; every time that model is placed as a cell, the attached items are copied to the new cell.
  • Items can be attached to an element template; every time the element template is used, a copy of the template's items are attached to the new element.
  • The properties in item types can be used to label, report, or change the display of the elements or objects.
  • Door schedules and signage reports are some of the real world examples where item types can be used.

The following tools are added to support item types:

The Item Types dialog allows you to create and manage item types.

You can also upgrade the old tags sets to item types. When you upgrade tag sets, the tags in the tag sets are converted to properties of item types. The tag sets that are attached to elements are converted as items attached to elements. The tag elements that are displayed in the model are converted into text fields that point to the item type properties.
Note: Tags and Tag Sets are deprecated but not removed.