MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Configuration Migration Wizard

Used to migrate legacy (V8i) WorkSpace to CONNECT Edition Configuration.

You can access this dialog from the following:

  • Work page: Click WorkSpace and from the drop-down, select Configuration Migration
  • Ribbon: File > Settings > Configuration > Configuration Migration
Configuration Start Point Allows you to select the V8i generation product and its WorkSpace that you want to migrate:
  • Product - Select the product from the drop-down list.
  • Path to WorkSpace - Displays the path of default WorkSpace.
  • Browse - Opens the Select custom WorkSpace path dialog from where you can select another WorkSpace.
Select a User and Project Allows you to select the User and Project folder of legacy WorkSpace:
  • Users - Select the User (.ucf) of the legacy WorkSpace.
  • Project - Select the Project (.pcf) of legacy WorkSpace.
Name of New WorkSpace and WorkSet Allows you to name the new WorkSpace and WorkSet:
  • Allows you to name the new WorkSpace and WorkSet:
  • Existing WorkSpace - Allows you to select an existing WorkSpace into which the legacy WorkSpace content will be included.
  • WorkSet - Allows you to rename the WorkSet name.
Select Destination (Available only when New WorkSpace is selected) Allows you to select the location where the new WorkSpace and WorkSet will be located.
  • Browse - Opens the Select Custom WorkSpace path dialog from which you can select another location for the WorkSpace.
Back Allows you to go back and change any selections you have made on previous pages.
Next Allows you to move to the next page and step in configuration migration.
Finish Migrates the legacy WorkSpace.