MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help

Superseded and Removed Features

This topic lists features that are superseded and features that are removed in MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

Superseded Features

Superseded features are new features that have replaced the old features.

Superseded Feature Description
Deform Curve tool The Deform Curve tool has been removed. You can use the Curve Handlebar tool to deform a curve.
Settings Manager The Settings Manager is superseded by Element Templates.
Batch Print Batch Print is superseded by Print Organizer.
MicroStation BASIC MicroStation BASIC is superseded by Bentley Macro Recorder.
Reference File Agent dialog The Reference File Agent dialog is superseded by ProjectWise. Any files stored in remote locations should now be retrieved and stored in an accessible location, either through standard configuration variables or ProjectWise.
MERGE utility The File > Merge option in the File Open Dialog (formerly MicroStation Manager) and the MERGE utility (merge.ma) have been removed. The Import Models and Merge References functionalities provide enhanced merging features.
Set Sheet Number dialog The Set Sheet Number dialog is superseded by Sheet Index in the Explorer dialog.
Dimension Text dialog Dimension Text dialog has been removed. Editing the dimension text can be done using the Text Editor Window.
AccuDraw Shortcuts window The AccuDraw Shortcuts window is superseded by the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog. All AccuDraw keyboard shortcuts can now be managed from the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.

Removed Features

Features that are altogether removed in this release are listed below.

Feature Removed Description
Active Design File icon The Active file icon has been removed from the in the Models dialog and Saved Views dialog.
Settings removed from Save As DWG Options Dialog
  • The "Use Level Display for Viewport Freeze Only" option has been removed from the General tab, Advanced section.
  • The "Building Products" options have been removed from the General tab.
Setting removed from Publish i-model(s) dialog The "Filter Design History" setting has been removed from the Publish i-model(s) dialog.
Settings removed from JT Exporter dialog The following settings has been removed from the JT Exporter dialog:
  • Entity
  • Use MicroStation Facet
  • Mesh as Set
Vector icons The Vector icons feature has been removed.
Linear Dimensions toolbox The Linear Dimensions toolbox has been removed along with the following tools within it:
  • Dimension Size Perpendicular to Points
  • Dimension Symmetric
  • Dimension Half
  • Dimension Chamfer
Radial Dimensions toolbox The Radial Dimensions toolbox has been removed along with the following tools within it:
  • Dimension Radial
  • Dimension Diameter
  • Dimension Diameter Perpendicular
  • Dimension Radius (Extended Leader)
  • Dimension Radius/Diameter Note
  • Dimension Arc Distance
Note: Place Center Mark is now accessible from the Dimensions toolbox.
Misc(ellaneous) Dimensions Toolbox The Misc(ellaneous) Dimensions toolbox has been removed along with the following tools within it:
  • Modify Dimension
    Note: You may use the Modify Element tool to carry out the same functionality.
  • Geometric Tolerance
Note: Insert (Dimension) Vertex and Delete (Dimension) Vertex tools are now accessible from the Ribbon interface: Drawing > Annotate > Dimensioning.
Geometric Tolerance dialog The Geometric Tolerance feature has been removed.
Find Dialog The Find dialog has been removed from the Text Editor Window.
Import Project dialog The functionality of importing old raster projects has been removed.
Set Default Seed File This setting has been removed from the File Open dialog.
Upgrade to V8 This setting has been removed from the Cell Library dialog and File Open dialog.
Element Change Time & Element Range These thematic display handlers have been removed from Display Styles Dialog.
Missing Fonts This setting has been removed from the Preferences Dialog, Text Category.
Import IXF (*.ixf) point cloud format. The IXF point cloud file cannot be imported.
Match Toolbox The Match toolbox has been removed. The tools of this toolbox are now accessed from the ribbon (Drawing > Home > Modify).
Auto Arrange Icons This setting has been removed from the References, Raster Manager, and Point Clouds dialogs.
Use older Command Item without drop-down list This setting has been removed from the Key-in Settings dialog.
Item Sets The Item Sets feature has been removed from the product.
Forms > Edit in the Visual SQL Query Builder dialog The Forms > Edit menu item in the Visual SQL Query Builder dialog that opened the Form Editor dialog and then the Builder dialog and the Tools Palette have been removed.
Screen setting in Line Weight Translation dialog The Screen setting in the Line Weight Translation dialog has been removed.
3D Warehouse 3D Warehouse interface has been removed.
Clash Detection The Clash Detection feature has been removed.
Schedule Simulation The Schedule Simulation feature has been removed along with its integration in animation.
Display Coordinates The Display Coordinates setting, which displayed coordinates at the pointer has been removed from the AccuDraw Settings dialog, Display tab. You can still view the running coordinates in the Status bar.