OpenBuildings GenerativeComponents Help

Using the Imported GC Model Node

Use the node type to place Imported Node in the current model.

To bring in the exposed nodes in the current model, use the DesignFileName input port to name of the Design file of model created by User-A. Note that the node output port name will reflect the name set in the GCModelPropertyName. The Imported GC Model is an encapsulated version of component the User-A has exposed for User-B to import. These imported nodes can be integrated with the local nodes in the model. They will inherit the node properties and would behave same as they do in parent model. The geometry of imported node overlaps in the current model view.

You can Show/Hide the graphics (geometry) by setting the Show graphics toggle on the imported node.

Use the Reimport button to update the imported design model to reflect latest changes made to the components in design by User-A.