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Place Optimizer node

For meaningful use of an Optimizer node it makes sense to have a parametric model with several parameters which control the behavior of a design that can be evaluated for various performance criteria (objectives). This evaluation should be ready for usage by the Optimizer. Evaluation can be based on simple computations (i.e. summation of areas or volumes, computation of ratios, etc.) or on various types of analysis.
  1. Access the Optimizer node from the Utility panel of the Node Types dialog.
  2. Drag and drop the node into the Graph in an appropriate location.
    The default Optimizer graph node (optimizer1) appears in the graph view. It has five tool icons:
    • – Start a New Run, which starts a new optimization run.
    • – Load Result from File, which loads results from a previously saved result file.
    • – Save Result to File, which saves the optimization results to a file with name specified in LatestResultFile input property. Default name is 'Optimizer Result.csv'.
    • – Show Result, which opens a graph showing the optimization results in form of a scatter plot.
    • – Settings, which opens Optimizer Settings dialog used to change the for the optimizer engine itself.
  3. The required input properties are Parameters and either MinimizationObjectives or MaximizationObjectives.