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Exercise: Creating a Generated Node Type from the Crossbar

  1. Select the (Generate Node Type) tool from the Node Types ribbon toolbar. The Generate Node Type dialog opens.
  2. Click Select from Model. This enables you to select geometry from the model as inputs to the generated node. In the Status bar, you are prompted to identify an element, and the Graph nodes turn grey to prepare for the selection.
  3. Select the crossbar polygon (polygon2). The Generate Node Type dialog is populated with Input Properties and Output Properties derived from polygon2. Polygon2 is the input and the lines and cones (line4, line5, cone1 and cone2) are the outputs. In the Graph, the input and outputs are color coded. The input (polygon2) is blue and the outputs (line4, line5, cone1 and cone2) are green.
  4. In the Input Properties table, on row 1 check Replicatable. This enables you to use multiple shapes as inputs, not just one.
  5. In the Output Properties table, on rows 1 and 2, check Construction for the two diagonal lines (line4 and line5). This will hide these construction lines in the final placed crossbar node.
  6. Check the In your GC environment option for the Store a reference to the generated assembly file: setting. This will allow you to use the generated node in future sessions.
  7. Enter crossbar1 in the Type name: field. Adding a number to the name is good practice as you are likely to create several versions of the node and will need to distinguish them in the nodes list. Entering a name enables the OK button.
  8. Click OK. The Generate Node Types dialog closes, and the new node type crossbar1 is added to the Node Types dialog in the Generated category.
  9. Record User Changes into Transaction file.