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Setting GC Model Output Property

Before a GC Model can be imported and used in the design, it must have been exposed (by User-A) to authorised users ( to User-B) by assigning the output property of selective node(s). Such nodes when imported by external users in the network, are then considered as sub-models. This workflow is useful in complex or large model design, managed by sharing the work by multiple users. Specialized users thus author their work in respective components of the model even if the main design file is off line.

Say, to assign the Line1 node to be Imported in the working model by User-B, first set the right-click > GC Model Output Property option. The node in the graphic view will have an arrow icon indicating the node is set for output property. The default name of the output property node would be the default node name prefix in the bracket. This name however can be altered by overwriting it in Node Properties > General > GCModelPropertyNameOverride option.
Note: You can rename the node name to a custom string enclosed in single quotes.

You can set multiple nodes' output properties that need to be imported and used externally by another user.

Note: The right-click > GC Model Input Property option is applicable to selective Utility nodes, that include Color, Data, Expression and Slider nodes. They become active when the GC Model is referenced from another GC Model.