GenerativeComponents Help

Tips and Tricks

  1. Learn the basics of the interface. Spend time exploring menus and tools for your first few sessions.
  2. Understand how to use the View Controls, spend time at the beginning of each session practicing zoom in/out and rotating. Spin the mouse wheel for Zoom In/Out, double click to fit the view and <Shift+> press the wheel to Rotate about center of view.
  3. Remember it is all about points. Explore the Point node and its Techniques.
  4. Use the integrated help.
  5. The Graph and the Node Properties dialog are a great way to find, insert into expression fields and operate on nodes.
  6. Learn the vocabulary of GenerativeComponents. Node Types, Transactions, the Graph, Techniques, Parametric values, free v. locked values, etc.
  7. Lists can be created by using curly brackets to collect the items that you want to include in the list. There are other ways but curly brackets work well for most challenges.
  8. Know how to read and find a location in a list for example, Line01[2][1].
  9. You can declare variables in the expression field of a node.
  10. Try to write neat transaction files.
  11. Be efficient: Use the output of one node as the input of another node.
  12. Know your Types: Variable Types (string, bool, int, etc) and GenerativeComponents Types (IPoint, ISolid, etc).
  13. Replication is a more efficient and controllable way to copy.