ContextCapture User Guide

Software Editions

ContextCapture Basic edition

ContextCapture automatically reconstructs objects, buildings, man-made or natural landmarks, from imagery datasets of up to 300 gigapixels, or point clouds up to 500 million points and a batch processing ability through a job queue. Most suited for, but not limited to, UAS /UAV/drone operators, this edition allows the production of high resolution 3D models as well as the generation of digital surface models (DSM) and true orthophoto.

ContextCapture Center edition

ContextCapture Center is dedicated to larger-scale 3D surveying and mapping. It can handle an unlimited number of photographs without any limitation in size, and allows computations to be parallelized on a cluster of 3D reconstruction engines. It can import complex positioning data (example, inertial navigation system data), third-party aerotriangulation results and surface constraints. Consequently, it is adapted to massive 3D content production, like entire 3D cities from the air or from a mobile mapping system.

It can be customized to customer needs, for a seamless integration into the most demanding 3D production pipelines.

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ContextCapture Center

Input imagery datasets

≤ 300 gigapixels


Input point cloud datasets

≤ 500 million points


Automatic aerial triangulation / calibration

Automatic true 3D reconstruction (3D TIN)


True orthophoto / DSM generation (GeoTIFF, JPG...)

Dense point cloud generation (LAS, POD, LAZ)

CAD interoperability (OBJ, FBX, Collada, STL, DGN...)

3D GIS interoperability (Agency9 CityPlanner, Eternix Blaze Terra, Google Earth, Skyline TerraBuilder, SpacEyes3D Builder, Supermap GIS, DIGINEXT VirtualGEO...)

Free Viewer / web publishing

Unlimited tiling

Task queuing / background processing

SDK / Python scripting


Ultra large project management / Grid computing


Reconstruction constraints (water surfaces…)

Quality control


Warning: Project file compatibility between ContextCapture editions is restricted. Reading of project files created from a higher edition is not permitted.