ContextCapture User Guide


ContextCapture MasterKernel SDK is a software development kit including a Python module, that allows programmatic access to all the features of ContextCapture Master. This module acts in the place of the user interface for full project creation, edition and monitoring.

ContextCapture MasterKernel SDK is available only in ContextCapture Center Edition. For more information on the editions please check Software Editions.

The ContextCapture MasterKernel Python module, CCMasterKernelPy, allows the development of customized ContextCapture applications in a simple manner thanks to Python scripts, like customized and/or automated 3D reconstruction processes.

The module API (Application Programming Interface) allows the control of all items used in a ContextCapture Master project (CCM file):

  • Project: creation, saving, edition, option settings, project tree management.

  • Block: import (Excel/XML), export (KML, XML, unwrapped photos), split, extract, photos/photogroup creation and edition including camera properties and 3D position/rotation, control points creation and edition (3D positions and image measurements), user tie points creation and edition.
  • AT (Aerotriangulation): components, positioning modes, settings, job submission and monitoring/control, export of the aerotriangulation report.
  • Reconstruction: spatial framework (SRS, region of interest, tiling), reconstruction constraints, reference 3D model (import/export retouches, color equalization), processing settings, export tiling to KML.
  • Production: control of all parameters (purpose, format, options, extent and destination), jobs submission and monitoring/control.
  • Job queue monitoring.
  • Application settings: license checking, version control, software update checking on the internet.

The API also includes various tools for data exchange (property tree, geometry), and geodesic computations.

For more details about the SDK and the Python module API, please refer to ContextCapture SDK documentation in the ContextCapture installation directory.