Bentley View CONNECT Edition Readme

Support Path

With Bentley View, you are required to establish a Support Path (previously known as Registration). This Support Path connection is a one-time procedure in the form of a Web page when you open Bentley View. Once the Support Path has been established, the File > Help > Product Support link in Bentley View becomes active. This link gives you access to the Support page. Through the Support page you can manage your profile and depending on your level of support: access TechNotes and FAQs; share information on Discussion Groups; search the product KnowledgeBase; submit, monitor, and track online service tickets; and use the latest technologies to share your desktop with a Support Engineer.

Whether or not you see the Support page depends on one of the following scenarios:

  • If you have not activated the product, you will not see the Support page. This means you have never contacted SELECTserver on that computer since installing the product. In this case, the product is in 7-day countdown mode.
  • If you have registered an earlier version of Bentley View, you will not see the Support page. The information is maintained from previous versions.