Bentley View CONNECT Edition Readme


While installing Bentley View, you can define the locations of both the Delivered Configuration and a Custom Configuration. By default, the Delivered Configuration is installed in C:\ProgramData\Bentley\<product_name> CONNECT Edition\Configuration\ folder defined by the _USTN_INSTALLED_CONFIGURATION configuration variable. Generally, there is no need to change the location of the Delivered Configuration from its default. If a non-default location is needed, select the location in the Delivered Configuration field on the Configuration page of the installer. Note that you cannot install the Delivered Configuration at C:\ProgramData\Bentley\CONNECT Edition\Configuration.

The Custom Configuration is the recommended location for user WorkSpaces and WorkSets. To specify the path of the Custom Configuration, on the Configuration page, first select the Custom Configuration (plus Delivered Configuration) radio button and then set the path in the Custom Configuration field. This Custom Configuration path is written into the ConfigurationSetup.cfg file. This configuration is defined by the _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION configuration variable.