Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Edit Print Line Styles Dialog

Used to edit print line style on/off patterns in a printer driver configuration (.pltcfg) file. Opens when the Define print line style patterns check box is selected and you select one or more print line styles and click Edit on the Line Styles tab in the Printer Driver Configuration dialog.

Define print line style Used to define a print line style on/off pattern.
Print line style on/off pattern (Enabled only when Define print line style is selected.) Enter the values in pairs, separated by a space. The first value in each pair is the pen down distance. The second value is the pen up distance. For example, typing 0.5 0.25 0.125 0.25 creates a long-short dash pattern with 0.5 units on, 0.25 units off, 0.125 on, and 0.25 units off. You can enter a maximum of 32 on/off pairs in the pattern.
Units (Enabled only when Define print line style is selected.) Sets the units for the print line style.
  • Millimeters (the default)
  • Inches
  • Dots
Process style in software Bentley View writes application-defined line styles in the print file to be applied by the printer's hardware. However, not all Windows printer drivers and printers support application-defined line styles. In those cases, it is necessary for Bentley View to apply the line style on/off patterns. If this check box is selected, Bentley View applies the on/off patterns for this line style.