Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Edit Program Command Dialog

Used to edit and add pre-print and post-print operating system commands to a printer driver configuration (.pltcfg) file. Opens when the Define pre-print and post-print program commands check box is selected and you select a program and click Edit or Add on the Programs tab in the Printer Driver Configuration dialog.

Program command Name of the operating system program to be run.
When to execute program The program can be run before or after the print is complete.
Display alert dialog before invoking program If selected, a dialog appears, informing you that the program is ready to run. Click OK to run the program.
Wait for program completion If selected, this program must finish before the next program runs or before the file is printed.
Time out after this long (Enabled only when Wait for program completion is selected.) If selected, the system will wait for a specified number of seconds before running the next program or before printing the file.
Seconds (Enabled only when Time out after this long is selected.) The number of seconds the system will wait before timing out.