Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Print Dialog Icons

This section describes the functions of the icons at the top of the Print dialog.


When the selected printer is the Windows printer, the print is sent to the printer.

The effect is the same as choosing File > Print to File in the Print dialog.


Opens the resizable Preview dialog, which lets you preview the proposed print.

The effect is the same as choosing File > Preview in the Print dialog.

Maximize Print Size

Automatically fits the selected view or fenced area into as much of the printable area as possible.
Print Attributes

Opens the Print Attributes dialog, which lets you set various printing attributes.

The effect is the same as choosing Settings > Print Attributes in the Print dialog.

Update from View

Synchronizes the printing settings to that of the model as displayed in the selected view. Useful for updating the printing parameters after adjusting a view's parameters. If your only change has been to turn levels on or off, you will see this change when you preview or print the output.
Note: Only when you have a print configuration (.ini) file loaded will you need to click Update from View. This overrides the way the .ini file displays levels and displays them as they appear in your views.