Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Preferences Dialog, Reference Category

Consists of controls that are used to set preferences related to references.

Use Color Table If off, Bentley View ignores any color table attached to a reference and displays the elements in it using the active file's color table. This speeds up loading files with references attached, but may change the colors in which the elements in the references are displayed. The default is on. A change is not effective until the application is restarted.
Note: To use this setting for a DWG/DXF file attached as a reference, set the MS_DWGREF_ALLOWMASTERCOLORS configuration variable to 1.
Always Cache If off (the default), memory caching of the references that are not displayed is disabled. Disabling caching shortens start-up time when references are attached but not displayed, and it causes a delay in the display of an uncached reference.

The default setting is off. You might want to turn it on if:

  • You frequently turn on and off the display of the references
  • There are shared cell definitions in a reference that are not displayed in the active design file
Auto Reload If off (the default), when possible, cached references are kept in memory when one DGN file is closed and another is opened.
Ignore Update Sequence If on, the Update Sequence menu item is disabled in the Attachment Properties dialog's Settings menu. The default is off.