Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Measure Volume

(3D only) Used to measure the volume enclosed by an element or a set of elements and to analyze mass properties. The element(s) must completely enclose a volume; if a volume is not enclosed, a message appears in the status bar.

You can access this tool from the following:
  • Ribbon: View > Home > Measure
  • Toolbox: Measure

Mass Properties If on, the Mass Properties window displays the mass property analysis for the measured volume.
Display Center Of Mass If on, a graphic crosshair that represents the center of mass for the measured element(s) is displayed.
Volume Unit Sets the units used to display the last volume measured.
  • cubic <master units>
  • cubic m — (Metric units only) Cubic meters.
  • Liter — (Metric units only)
  • Gallon (US) — (English units only)
  • Gallon (UK) — (English units only)
  • Barrel — (English units only)
Volume Displays the result of the last volume measured.