Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

DGN File Properties

You can review various DGN file properties in the Properties dialog (File > Properties) Extended section. This section contains text fields where you can review the following details:

  • Author - Name of the person who created the file.
  • Company - Company of the person who last edited the file.
  • Manager — The name of the manager for the project.
  • Client — The name of the client for whom the file was created.
  • Title — A title, as distinct from the filename in the file system.
  • Subject — A description of the file contents.
  • Comments — Comments regarding the file.
  • Keywords — Keywords that can be used later in a database, for setting search criteria.

Properties dialog, displaying the Extended section

Tip: As well as being accessible from inside the product, much of the information in the Extended section can be viewed in Windows Explorer, for example, by right-clicking the filename and selecting Properties.