Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Opening a File in Secure Mode

Security provides users with the ability to shield themselves from applications that are not trusted. In contrast, digital rights is the authors' mechanism for excluding use of specific applications on a protected file.

The combination of File Protection and Security can effectively deal with the conflict between legacy applications and digital rights. Problems occur when a user attempts to open a rights-restricted file when non-right-compliant applications are already loaded on the machine. Bentley View will not open the file in this situation. Secure mode is intended as a temporary way (until a rights–compliant version of the application can be obtained) to prevent these applications from loading so the file can be opened.

Note: The fact that a user trusts an application does not necessarily mean that the application is authorized for use with a given protected file.
Note: Bentley applications that are not signed as rights–compliant are unloaded when you enter a restricted file. For example, if your rights to a file excludes export, the export capabilities will be unloaded while you are in that file.