Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Model Signatures

A model signature is a cell with a special linkage containing the non-graphical data associated with the signature, as well as graphics that visually represent a signature. A signer supplies a signature cell which can contain raster and/or OLE objects to create a realistic and meaningful signature. Some organizations have their own guidelines for signatures. Signature placement can be controlled by a custom application.

Bentley View displays a model signature by displaying the cell. Model signatures display on plots as cells.

There are two types of Model signatures: hidden and non-hidden. Both types are listed in the Digital Signatures dialog but non-hidden model signatures are also displayed as an element in the context of the model.

Note: The Digital Signatures dialog displays only the model signatures of the current model and, optionally, its references.
Note: The status bar displays a signature icon when the file contains any file or model signatures.