Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Scaling the Border to Fit the Design

An alternative method to that discussed above, is to create a sheet model that is scaled to surround the required part of the design. This is done, simply, by setting the Annotation Scale to the required value when creating the sheet model. When you place text with Annotation Scale lock on, the text and dimensioning is scaled such that when it prints it is the correct size. For example, if the border is 20 times its normal size, all text also would have to be 20 times its normal size. In such a case, when the final printed output is created, you would use a scale of 1:20 to reduce the border and text back to their normal size. At the same time, the design elements will be reduced by the same ratio.

With this method, you print the sheet model at a scale that returns the border back to its normal size, at the same time scaling the design elements, text, and dimensioning.