Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Raster Manager Overview

The Raster Manager utility allows you to manipulate raster images within Bentley View. The Raster Manager dialog lets you control the viewing of raster image files. Many settings controlling raster display can be found in the Raster Manager category of the Preferences dialog.

Raster attachments are treated as any standard element. They can be displayed between vector elements and they can be placed on a level. To achieve this, a new element has been added, the Raster Frame (type 94), which is generated each time a raster is attached. The old type 90 element also continues to be present and is linked to the new Raster Frame. To preserve compatibility with older versions, when a previous version DGN is opened, a Raster Frame is automatically generated for each type 90 present in the file.

Raster Manager lets you control the display of one or more image files within a DGN file view. Each view may be used to display image files. The names of all attached image files (for all views) are displayed in the Raster Manager dialog.

You can open raster files the same way that you open DGN files, using the File Open dialog.

Note: Raster files always open as read–only.

You cannot have more than one raster file open at a time. If you open a raster file when another one is already open, the first file closes. When a multi-page raster file is opened, all pages of the file are displayed side by side.