Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

New Paper Size

When a new paper size is selected, or the form size is changed manually, the orientation and rotation is automatically set to achieve the best fit. For all print areas, if the new paper size is larger than the previous one, the current print scale is left unchanged. If the new paper size is smaller than the previous one, the design area is automatically clipped to accommodate the current print scale. Therefore, it may be necessary to maximize the print size, or enter a new scale, to obtain the desired layout.

The NONE form is available if the print destination is set to Send to InterPlot and the selected printer is an InterPlot printer that supports the NONE form. When printing to the NONE form, the system automatically sets the form size to the print size. For example, if the form size is 100 x 100 inches, and the print size is 34 x 22 inches, the form size is set to 34 x 22 inches when the Paper control is set to NONE.

Note: In View mode, scale clipping is not permitted in a rendered view or if the view contains a camera definition. In those cases, scales that produce print sizes larger than the paper size will be rejected and a warning message output to message center.