Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

To Measure the Area of the Intersection or Union of Closed Elements

  1. Select the Measure Area tool ( View > Home > Measure ).

  2. In the tool settings window, set Method to Intersection or Union.
  3. Select one element.
  4. Select another element.

    The resulting area is highlighted.

  5. (Optional) Use <Ctrl-data point> to select further elements.

    As you select each successive element, the resulting area is highlighted.

    If the elements do not overlap, the following occurs, depending on the Method:

    Method If elements do not overlap, then
    Intersection “Elements do not intersect” is displayed.
    Union Each element is highlighted.
  6. After selecting the last element, accept to view the result.

    The results display in the tool settings window. When measuring a union, the Perimeter value does not display if the elements do not overlap. If Mass Properties is on, the mass properties analysis is displayed in the Mass Properties window.