Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

File Tab and Backstage View

The File tab opens the backstage view where you can perform different operations such as managing your document and settings, importing and exporting files, accessing help, and so on.

Opening files

  • Open
  • Open an existing design file or a file of a different type as the active design file.


  • Close
  • Closes the active design file and opens the File Open dialog.

User Settings

  • Button Assignments
  • Used to assign Bentley View key-ins and to add key combinations to logical buttons, thus creating additional button assignments.
  • Function Keys
  • Used to create keyboard function key menus and to modify current function key menus.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Used to assign keyboard shortcuts to open ribbon groups and tools of the ribbon.
  • Preferences
  • Used to set user preferences — settings that control how the product operates.

File settings

  • Color Table
  • Used to browse and modify a "copy" of the active color table — the color table that is currently attached to the DGN file or, if none is attached, the default (internal) color table.

Configuration Settings

  • About Configuration
  • Displays information about the active Configuration and its components, and the active workmode.


  • Properties
  • Used to review or modify the properties of the DGN and its references, such as file size, date created, author and client.


  • Print
  • Used to adjust printing settings and create a print file, a PDF file, or to print directly to a system printer.
  • Print to PDF
  • Used to adjust printing settings and create a print file, a PDF file, or to print directly to a system printer.

Publish i-model

  • Publish i-model
  • Used to convert a design file into an .i.dgn file. All design files that can be opened in Bentley View can be converted into an i-model.


  • Bentley Institute
  • Manages professional training programs to ensure consistent, high quality user training for a variety of Bentley products and varying levels of application experience.
  • Bentley View Community
  • You can find answers to your technical questions about Bentley View, as well as gain insight into current and emerging best practices in your industry, by actively engaging with your peers in the global infrastructure community at the Bentley Communities website.
  • Product Support
  • Opens your Web browser to a URL from which you can access the Product Support page.
  • Check Product Updates
  • Opens the Bentley Updates window and checks for product updates.
  • Readme
  • Opens the product Readme.


  • Exit
  • Exits the product.