Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

New Fence and Print Area

If a new fence is placed, and the print area is not Sheet, the Print dialog automatically uses the new fence as the print area. The print area is changed to Fence. The orientation and rotation automatically is set to achieve the best fit. If the current print scale with the new fence results in an unclipped print size that fits the paper, the current print scale is left unchanged. Otherwise, the print size is maximized. This behavior permits fences to be moved from location to location within a model without having to reset the print scale. Note that the new fence area never is automatically clipped to accommodate the existing print scale.

If the view that the new fence was placed in is not the same as the current Print dialog view, the print attributes are reset from the new view. Otherwise, the print attributes are left unchanged.

If a new fence is placed, and the print area is Sheet, the fence is ignored unless the print boundary fence key-in command is used.