Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Explorer Dialog File Tab

Contains controls used to browse file content.

You can set the visibility for File tab from Explorer Settings dialog.

File Content Following file content is displayed:
  • Detailing symbol styles
  • Dimension styles
  • Display styles
  • Element templates
  • Environment Setups
  • Item type libraries
  • Line styles
  • Material Setups
  • Multi-line styles
  • Parametric Cell Definitions
  • Point cloud styles
  • Print styles
  • Render Setups
  • Report definitions
  • Tag sets
  • Text styles
  • Shared cells
  • Views
    • Saved views
    • View groups
  • Levels
  • Models
    • ACS
    • Items
    • Named boundaries
    • Named groups
    • Point clouds
    • Rasters
    • References
    • Saved views
    • Levels
    • Elements
Reset Pop-up menu Depending upon the content selected, the reset pop-up menu options change.
Refresh Active Tree

Refreshes the active tree to reflect changes to the DGN file.

Turns on the transparency for selected graphical items.

Zooms the selected graphical items.

Isolates the selected graphical items.
Enter the search condition or click the icon to conduct search.
Expand the Query Builder
Expands or collapses the Add Criteria button for Criteria search.
Add Criteria
Used to add search conditions for Criteria search.
Advanced Search
Displays Advanced Search dialog.
Clear Search
Clears any text entered in the search field.