Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Explorer Dialog Links tab

Contains controls used to browse links and link sets.

You can set the visibility for Links tab from Explorer Settings dialog.


Reloads the contents of all the link sets. If the link is invalid, Explorer displays only the link and not the contents within it.
Links (List Box) Lists the links sets and links and folders in the open link set. The link sets come from the following sources:
  • Active Directory - Harvests and lists design models, drawing models, sheet models, and saved views in the active directory. You will not be able to create or delete folders or links in the Active Directory link set.
  • Configured Libraries - Displays all of the links sets in all of the files specified by the MS_DGNLIBLIST_LINKS configuration variable. If Configured Libraries is the source of your link set, you will be unable to modify the link set at this point. You will not be able to create or delete folders or links. To modify a link set from the Configured Libraries, you must open the file containing the link set.
  • WorkSet - When you create a new WorkSet, a link set for the WorkSet is created and stored in the DGNWS file of that WorkSet. The name of the WorkSet is the name of the link set. By default, this link set is in read-only mode. To add links to this link set you need to open it in editing mode. To open the WorkSet link set in editing more, right-click on it and select Edit Link Set from the pop-up menu.
  • Active File - Displays the link sets stored in the open DGN file. If this is the source of your link set, you will be able to modify the link set, but you will be unable to use the Undo button to reverse any changes you make.
Pop-up Menu for Folders Right-clicking a folder opens a pop-up menu with the following choices:
  • Copy — Copies the selected folder.
  • Properties — Allows you to view the properties of the selected folder. Opens the Properties dialog.