Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Selecting the Print Area

When you first open the Print dialog, the initial print area is determined as follows:

  • If the active model contains a sheet definition, the print area is obtained from the sheet definition.
  • If no sheet definition exists, and a fence exists, the fence defines the print area.
  • If no sheet definition or fence exists, the print area is set to view.

After the Print dialog opens, you can define a print area that encompasses all the elements in either the master model (Settings > Set Fence from Fit Master) or the master model and all its references (Settings > Set Fence from Fit All). When these menu items are selected, an internal fence is constructed from the view range, and the Area list box changes to Fence. The configuration variable MS_PLTDLG_AUTO_FIT_VIEW instructs the Print dialog to automatically select "Fence" for the two Set Fence items when it is opened.

You can change the print area via the Area list box in the Print dialog.

Selecting the area to print