Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Find and Replace Dialog

Used to search the objects listed in the Details dialog.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Details dialog: right-click the header row or a row and select Find

Find What Used to specify the text string to be located.
Arrow Button

Displays a list of special characters that can be used to search for variable forms of text. Selecting one of the list items adds it to the contents of the Find what text box.
Find Options Displays the advanced search features.
  • Match case — If on, performs a case-sensitive search for the text string.
  • Match entire cell contents — If on, the contents of a cell will be located only if its entire contents match the text string. For example, if you search for "Gate Valve" but a cell contains "Gate Valve, 300 lb, RF", the cell will not be located.
  • Search selected cells — If on, only the selected cells are searched. Before opening the Find and Replace dialog, you can select multiple cells by pressing and holding down the <Ctrl> key and selecting the cells.
Replace With (Only displays when you click Replace) Specifies the replacement string that replaces the search string in the Find field.
Replace (Only displays when you click Replace) Replaces the found text in the currently highlighted element with the replacement string.
Replace All (Only displays when you click Replace) Replaces all the specified text elements.