Bentley View CONNECT Edition Help

Digital Signatures Dialog

Used to view digital signatures.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: View > Utilities > Security > Sign
  • Digital Signatures toolbox: select the Digital Signatures icon
  • Security toolbox: select the Digital Signatures icon

Zoom To Signature Allows you to zoom to the signature of a reference.
Signature Properties Used to inspect the definition and state of the selected signature.
Hierarchy Toggle Toggles on/off the display of all dependent signatures in the "Hierarchy" area. The dependent signature is shown as the root of a tree, with its prerequisites shown as its children.
Hierarchy Hierarchy area that displays a hierarchical tree of dependent signatures.
Verified The Verified field is Yes (green check mark) if the signature is verified. "Verified" means that the signed data and prerequisite signatures have not changed.
Trusted The Trusted field tells you if the signature is based on a certificate that is trusted. A certificate is trusted if it was issued by a trusted CA and is not expired. If the certificate is trusted, then "Yes" is displayed. Otherwise, a short explanation of the problem is displayed. The Signatures dialog displays a green check mark or a red X in the Trusted column.
Current This column displays a green check mark if the signature is not expired or a red X if the signature is expired.
Source The Source column identifies the attachment that contains the signature. A blank Source indicates that the signature is from the master file.
Scope Indicates the type and extent of the signature: model, hidden model, or file. A model signature includes the contents of just one model. A hidden model signature is a model signature that is not displayed. A file signature includes the contents of all models in the file, plus file-level information. The Scope field does not indicate if the signature includes references or not.
Refs Displays a star if references were included when the file was signed.
Certificate Name and e-mail address associated with the certificate.
Signer Person signing the file. The Signer defaults to the current user’s login name. This could also be some code or identifier that is meaningful within an organization. This is useful for identifying the signer, especially if the certificate name is different from the signer’s real name.
Location The Location defaults to the current user’s computer name. This could also be some location code, building name, or other identifier that is meaningful within an organization.
Date Date and time the file was signed.
Expiry Date the signature is to be revoked. This is not the same as the expiry date of the underlying digital certificate. A signature does not have to have an expiry date, while a certificate always does. Normally, a signature will remain valid long after the certificate on which it was based has expired.
Purpose This field could be used to display the signer’s intent and normally is a phrase or code that is meaningful within the organization or project.