Bentley StormCAD CONNECT Edition Help

SWMM Compatibility Mode

You can run the SWMM engine with the Bentley extensions turned off

To do so switch the "Compatibility Mode" calculation option property from "Bentley" to "EPA".

The following features were added to the EPA version of the SWMM engine by Bentley, and will be shut off if the compatibility mode is set to EPA:

  1. On Grade Inlet Calculations - All on grade inlets will assumed to be full capture.
  2. Node Headlosses - The EPA version of the SWMM engine assumes zero headloss across nodes.
  3. Pond Outlet Structures - In EPA mode, composite outlet structures associated with ponds are loaded as a single outlet rating curve assuming free outfall.
  4. Tractive Stress Calculations
  5. Hydrogen Sulfide Analysis
  6. Calculation Options - The following options were added by Bentley to improve the overall stability of simulations under certain conditions, and are not used in runs in EPA mode:
    1. Inlet Transition Depth
    2. Use Bentley Transition Equation?