Bentley Raceway and Cable Management CONNECT Edition Help

Register Design File

This dialog displays when you attempt to use a BRCM function in a new file. This dialog registers the dgn in the project and assigns a type of content to the dgn.

BRCM tracks the type of content to be sure you are using the right commands for the right type of drawings (for example, placing raceways in a raceway model and creating 2D extractions in a 2D extraction model).

The following Design file content options are available:
  • 3D Model, Equipment - provide access to Equipment placement and editing tools, cable and iModel import tools and tools from Manage and Output sections.
  • 3D Model, Raceway - Provides access to all tools in Raceway and Underground systems, sections and tools from Manage and Output sections.
  • 3D Model, Equipment *Raceway - Provides access to all above mentioned options.
  • Routing Model - Provides access to Cable Management and tools from the Manage and Output ribbon tabs.
  • 2D Extraction - Provides access to 2D Extraction tools and tools from Manage and Output sections.
  • Conceptual Design - Provides access to Conceptual design tools only.
  • Other - Allows all command types to be used in the design file.

As a result of the file registration process, the file name and type are added to the rcmProject.xml file available in the root folder of each project.

Note: The design file content can be edited later in the Document Manager.

To permanently remove the file from the project, remove its entry from the rcmProject.xml file shown below: