Bentley Raceway and Cable Management CONNECT Edition Help

Bentley Raceway and Cable Management Database Configuration

Bentley Raceway and Cable Management requires a SQL database to store information about electrical components. When installing the application, a database is installed by default:

A BRCMuser will automatically be created with the role membership set to db_owner.

An alternative to granting the db_owner role is to grant one or more of the following role memberships:
  • db_datareader
  • db_datawriter
  • db_ddladmin

If desired, users can change their database role membership from db_owner to any of the other roles listed above after the installation:

Database role memberships are granted to the Bentley Raceway and Cable Management application and not to the individual user. The application is automatically creating project specific tables after the BRCM database is updated. This workflow requires the user to have above mentioned database role memberships. If granting those privileges is of security concern, the password can be encrypted so individual users will not have direct access to the SQL database except through the Bentley Raceway and Cable Management application. Users cannot delete any SQL tables through the application. To delete any SQL tables users have to log directly into the SQL database (password encryption can prevent users from unauthorized access).