Bentley Raceway and Cable Management CONNECT Edition Help

Migrate a V8i Project to CONNECT Edition

Have a V8i Project ready to be migrated to Bentley Raceway and Cable Management CONNECT Edition
The following example will illustrate how to move an ongoing V8i project (BENTLEY_Electrical) to the Bentley Raceway and Cable Management CONNECT Edition.

Dataset customization done in V8i can be carried over to CONNECT Edition. All DGN files that user created in V8i can be copied over to CONNECT and design can be continued in CONNECT.

Goal is to continue to use the same project database in CONNECT that was used in V8i to minimize the changes and project disruption. Users can also choose alternate path to create new database for CONNEC Edition projects, and it would require additional step exporting projects from V8i database and importing those to CONNECT database.
Note: Once the project is migrated to CONNECT, it can no longer be used in the V8i Edition.
  1. Set the ProjectWise Configuration It is recommended that dataset is first updated locally then copied to appropriate ProjectWise location.
    1. Open the PW.cfg file from the following location:

      C:\Program Files\Bentley\Bentley Raceway and Cable Management CONNECT Edition\BRCM\config\appl\

    2. Un-comment the line:


    3. Save the PW.cfg file.
    Next you will create a new BRCM Workset. This can be done using either:
    • Native Platorm Tools
    • The Bentley Raceway and Cable Management Project Manager

    For this example, Native Power Platform tools will be used.

  2. Open BRCM and select the appropriate Workset:
    • BRCM Imperial Example
    • BRCM Metric Example

    The difference between the two datasets are in the raceway and equipment content and units.

  3. Select the option to Create a new Workset.
  4. Enter the Project Name and select an appropriate Template. In this example, we will use the same project name as it was in V8i.
    Tip: Project name can be changed, as long as BRCM_DB_ID is kept the same so existing project database can be used.
    Important: Selecting template is important because it sets value for BRCM_DB_ID.
  5. Click OK. The New Workset (Bentley_Electrical) is now created.
  6. Next, review the configuration variables and make changes to the BRCM_DB_ID. As a result of creating a new Workset, the following folder and files are created:
    In addition, the BRCM.cfg file is created:
    Note: This file is equivalent of ProjectName.pcf file in V8i Edition (Bentley_Electrical.pcf).
    In order to connect to the V8i database, the value for the BRCM_DB_ID in the BRCM.cfg file needs to be the same as the value defined in the V8i project.

    Default BRCM_DB_ID

    V8i Project BRCM_DB_ID

  7. Change the value to match the one defined in the V8i project:
  8. Locate the location of the V8i dataset using the variables in the BentleyElectrical.pcf file:
  9. Copy the folders and paste them into the current BRCM Imperial Example dataset overwriting the CONNECT dataset:
  10. Next copy all of the drawing files from the V8i project:
    into the new Workset:
  11. Restart Bentley Raceway and Cable Management CONNECT Edition.
  12. Select the BENTLEY_ELECTRICAL Workset and navigate to DGN folder to open a DGN file. A message will prompt you to update the dataset.
  13. Click Yes to update.
  14. Optional: A backup can be created before the files are updated:

    Once the dataset is updated, the file is ready to work in.

    A DatasetUpdate.log file is automatically created after the dataset update in the Workset folder.
    Note: If the update is executed successfully, this file is empty. Only dataset update failures are logged in this file.